Psychologist, Southern Suburbs

Therapy can be life changing.


Emotional difficulties can often be overwhelming and one can easily get to a point of despair. I have experienced both personally (on the patient side of the couch) as well as professionally the incredibly powerful tool psychotherapy can be in transforming people’s lives. I view being a psychologist as a calling and am passionate about the profession and the transformative and healing power of therapy.

My path to becoming a clinical psychologist started out in psychological research after completing a Masters in Research Psychology. I worked in social research for a few years before realising that my passion lay with working with people, particularly through the healing relationship that is the psychotherapeutic relationship.

After my training at UCT, I went on to work at the military hospital in Wynberg (2 Mil Hospital) and then at Red Cross Children’s Hospital’s Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Thereafter I moved into private practice.


I currently have two clinical psychologists working with me at my practice They are Lane Benjamin and Widaad Tape.

Our services include:

  • individual therapy with adults and adolescents
  • couples therapy

The kinds of problems I help and have helped clients with include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • difficult life transitions – divorce, retirement, death of a loved one, etc
  • personal growth – including wanting to establish a more solid sense of self, discovering who your authentic self is, and growing into your true self more
  • traumatic experiences, including sexual abuse, sexual assault, treating post-traumatic stress disorder
  • problems in romantic relationships
  • difficulty coping with the demands of work, family and relationships
  • self-harm

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Rates and Medical Aid

My rates are in line with the medical aid rate for psychotherapy. I am contracted with all medical aids and claim directly from them for you.

Fairuz Gaibie
M.A. Clinical Psychology (UCT), M.A. Research Psychology (UCT)