Who should see a clinical psychologist?


It is tricky question and one you may be facing right now if you found your way to this article or to my site. Many people struggle with feeling unhappy about an area of their lives or as though everything has just gotten a bit too much but not quite knowing when or if they should see a clinical psychologist.

There are all sorts of things to consider and there are many factors that often hold people back: what others may think if they knew you were seeing one, what you might be acknowledging about what is happening at your life, whether it would mean you are SERIOUSLY messed up, the reality of the costs involved, work commitments or simply not wanting the very peculiar situation of opening up to a stranger.

So who does need to see a clinical psychologist? Well, anyone from someone who finds themselves at a time in their life where they feel as though they’re struggling to cope to someone who has been diagnosed with a serious psychological condition, such as bipolar mood disorder. Then there are those who are in much pain due to a particular relationship/s, those undergoing a major life transition (moving to another city, divorce, becoming a parent, ageing, being diagnosed with an illness) or those finding themselves stuck in a romantic relationship that seems to yield more pain than anything else.

There are also times when parents feel stuck in a conflict with their children or are concerned about their children as individuals. Couples may feel they need an intervention to move their relationship in the direction they would like or things may have deteriorated to such an extent that therapy is among the last attempts at trying to heal an ailing relationship.

The short answer really would be, anyone who finds themselves at a point in their lives that they are not happy with is at a pivotal point to receive therapy from a clinical psychologist.

And no, it does not mean you’re crazy, poorly adjusted, on the verge of a nervous breakdown or have too little spiritual faith if you do.

I would encourage you to be still with yourself, though and pose the question to no one else but yourself. I know what you need will come to you…

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